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  1. Due to a severe case of GAS from which I have been recovering, I have bought a lot of musical equipment over the years. Way too much. But there was only this one time when I bought a HD Pro and then the manufacturer changed the DSP chip slightly, and called it a new product. Maybe I am wrong in feeling a bit disappointed with this... but I am! Anyway, my post obviously had a bit of provocation in there and for that, I do apologize. If there are no known immediate plans for an upgraded version of the Helix... I am now just deciding "floor" or "rack". ;) Thanks & Regards.
  2. Hello everyone, Is there any information about the launch of an hardware upgrade to the Helix that will instantly lower the commercial value of the unit, in the same way as it happened to my POD HD? I have been delaying the purchase of the Helix because I fear that Line6 will use the same business model as before. Thanks.
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