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  1. I was just looking through the store at the model packs, and I see the Power Pack isn't available for the Pod XT Pro, I assume because it comes bundled with it. If you select 'computer' as your hardware, it's listed for $99. It seems I'll have to keep my XT Pro if I want that pack. Which isn't a big deal. I have the rack real estate, and I like holding onto hardware for times in which it might come in handy that I can't think of right now.
  2. No, I'm sorry, I meant differences between PF2.5 Standard and Platinum. EDIT: I see you mentioned that there's no difference between the versions of PF2.5.
  3. Awesome guys. Thanks for the great responses. If I've done all my research correctly, it seems the only differences between PF2.5 standard and Platinum are the model packs listed here: http://line6.com/modelPacks/ Since I'm only one pack away (the bass expansion pack, which I doubt I'll get, but you never know), by owning all the other packs, I'm essentially buying Platinum for $100 by buying Standard (minus the bass expansion, just to be clear). This assumes none of my packs are bundled with the hardware, or I keep it plugged in all the time if they are. There's no other differences in the core PF2.5 software, right? This makes sense, and is really great for me. At least I don't have to pay for everything twice :)
  4. All of those packs were purchased. I think the Power Pack module was the only 'bundled' pack. Assuming all my model packs are available if I buy Pod Farm 2.5 regular, assuming also they work without the XT plugged in, is there ANY reason to hang onto my Pod XT Pro at all? Does any DSP happen on the XT if it's plugged in, etc? Are there other benefits from keeping the Pod (in a studio setting of course)? I don't really need the money, but if there's absolutely no reason to keep this extra piece of hardware, I'll just get rid of it.
  5. If I own a Pod XT Pro with some of the model packs (namely MS, CC, and FX Junkie), if I were to buy Pod Farm 2.5 NON-Platinum (just the regular), will those models be available to me? I'm mainly interested in the MS pack, but I'm also interested in not paying twice for one product.
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