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  1. I'm connecting the Phone output into my Orange PPC108 cab with a Speaker cable, loud enough for my use, and using speaker cable sounds better than instrument cables to me. If you're just using the setup for practice I think it would be good enough.
  2. I recently got a Orange PPC108 1x8" cab for my Vox lil night train, and was messing around with the cable, say connecting my iPod directly into the cab to run in the speaker, it wasn't very load but loud enough for my tiny apartment and I actually have to lower the volume a bit on my iPod, so the next day I pull out the FX100 and see if it works with the cab without an amp or even a power amp, L/R and Amp output got nothing, then I try the Headphone out, it's quite load really! I used to connect the FX100 to my Micro Spider's mic in, now FX100 through a Dimarzio Speaker Cable into the Cab, the sound wasn't significantly changed, as I don't play load anyway it sound quite nice. I also tried to connect the FX100 with guitar cables instead (George L's to be precise) it sounds a but lower in volume and seems to lose some mid-bass frequencies. Maybe you could experiment with the various output and cables, I'm sure cab sim is on coming out from Phone output.
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