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  1. Thanks for your Replies! As the Pod HD Pro X should be capable of doing the needed calculations and i am a digital signal processing student, i really like the idea of line6 giving us users a possibility to add functions ;) At the moment it looks like it is coming down to use a good (where good is meant to describe the fitting to my problem) octaver and fx loop. I tried the approach of filtering out the higher pitch tones with different filters, but the filter adjustment options are just too poor to get sufficient results. So i am missing a powerful filtering option too i guess ;)
  2. Hi! I just got my Pod HD Pro X and can`t figure out how to use my bass octaver properly. Maybe you can help me ;) Some bass octavers have the option to just octave the one note with the lowest pitch in the chord and not the whole chord. Is there a way to do this on the line6 octaver? i would like to use it with a dual amping with a distortion amp like the Treadplate to have an additional bassline (without the chords). Thanks for your help, Markus
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