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  1. Yes, it looks just like that. Load drivers? For the cable?
  2. I am only using the y-shaped cabled, plugged into my pc. I tried switching the cables (so the cabled labeled out going to the port labeled in on the dt25 and vice versa), but I still get the same prompt...
  3. On the midi cable. The cable itself has an end labeled "out" and one labeled "in". Do I connect the "out" of the midi cable to port labeled "out" on the DT25 (and likewise with the midi in)? Because right now it says it cannot find the device and states: "if you are sure that the midi out is connected to the midi input of the correct device, you may proceed without verification using the selected midi ports. Otherwise, press cancel to try again"
  4. Ok then, that is my first issue. I didnt know it was supposed to be plugged in at the first startup of the software. I am clueless, so thanks so much for being patient with me. So, I have a Midi usb cable that came with my m13, but as I said, I have never used it...I dont even know what midi means haha. It is an "Art" cable. It has a small unit with a cable coming out one side that has a usb end. The other side has two midi cables coming out. I think this is the one I have: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/758429-REG/ART_MCONNECT_MConnect_USB_to.html
  5. Ok, a couple questions (sorry for my ignorance). I am assuming this is what I need to download: http://line6.com/software/?submit=Show&name=Line+6+Monkey It says it works with the DT25 112. However, after installing and opening is prompts me to select the device i want to configure and the DT25 is not an option???
  6. Ok, this is were I get into problems with this stuff...I have also never updated my M13 that i have. I sometimes struggle with technology haha (the operation of the m13 is dummy proof though so I have been able to handle it). I do have a midi cable that came with the M13. I will download L6 Monkey and see if I can figure it out. Thanks you for your help.
  7. A couple other things, based on research I have been doing. I looked up other threads with "no sound" and several state that tubes dont get hot or glow. This is not my problem. Tubes glow and heat up fine with the amp on.
  8. I have had an M13 for awhile and LOVE it, so I bought a DT25 off of ebay and it came today, and I am having some issues... Maybe the amp is too complicated for me, but I think it has some issue that I need to fix. Here is the run down: I turn it on and there is really no sound. I try a couple cords thinking that is the problem. Finally, I crank the master up and I hear sound. But I am surprised how quite it is for a 25 watt amp. With the master at 10:00 I heard nothing, past 12:00 sound starts coming out. This was on "I". I switched it to "II" and it got louder, so I started playing. It sounded great, but fairly quite still. Then, I flipped the "low volume" switch on the back and it got really loud. Does that make any sense? That the "low volume setting is much louder than when it is off? I jam for a couple minutes, turn the master to around 3:00 to make it louder and then the amp starts feedbacking on itself. Not feedback like a high pitched squeal, but like feedback that can be created with a delay/modulation pedal. A constant, gainy echo over and over. I couldn't get it to stop (adjusting volume, etc had no effect) so I powered the amp off. Now when i power it on I have no sound at all. I tried the "reset" (holding the topo switch down and pentode up while powering on), but nothing. Or, maybe I am doing this wrong...how do I know when to let go? Anyway, I am lost...can anyone help?
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