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  1. Ok, what I thought. I was awkwardly asking just that.
  2. That's exactly the info I was looking for! Thanks! BTW, my whole family lives between Dunedin and NPR.
  3. Well, to be clear, I wasnt talking about 4cm or using an amp. I was asking about the use of stage monitors that don't specify FRFR. I picked up an EV monitor tonight. It's not specd as FRFR, but sounds great. I wonder what another $400 would get me, if anything. It's the EV ZLX-12P model.
  4. Fair enough; "hype" is the wrong word. What I'm getting at is, aren't most monitor speakers essentially FRFR? If I'm not using a guitar-specific cab, and I have decent monitor, is looking and paying for something FRFR going to be substantially different than my monitor? I feel like anything I see labeled "Full Response" is substantially more money than something not, but which has a freq response of, say 80-20Khz, which is (I think) pretty close to full response.
  5. I had to add a solo to a track this weekend, and this is what sold me on the Helix. It's my first recording with it. I spent literally 60 seconds setting this up and here is the result. I'm in love with this thing! https://soundcloud.com/gpasq/crysinners CrySinners.mp3
  6. Yeah, I've considered that, and a Tech21 Power Engine. But I've gotta believe that for the most part, a PA is designed to replicate what it's fed, so a decent PA monitor oughta work. I'm still trying to unravel the FRFR thing as maybe mostly hype, at least for a live setup.
  7. Ha, thank you! I've never seen a voting system that you couldn't undo!
  8. That's kinda how I think about it, thank you. And crap, I accidentally downvoted your reply and I have no way to undo that. Sorry; that's embarrasing!
  9. I'm a new Helix user and am blown away by it. This, after several failed attempts to like the HD500. But I'm sold now, and want to put together a stage rig I can deal with. Now I understand the appeal of an FRFR speaker and in particular, the l2m; It'll give me the full glory of the Helix sound. But for stage use, is a standard PA monitor speaker sufficient? I'll be using effects, amps and cabs in the Helix, and that's what'll go to front-of-house, but I want my own monitor, and I want it to closely replicate the front of house sound. It seems that I could do that reasonably with a run-of-the mill monitor, but please correct me and/or make me aware of the pitfalls. Thanks much in advance!
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