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  1. Small update ... took the POD and the DT-25 to the shop where I bought the POD. They had a demo setup of a DT-25 head and a POD so I was able to test it out there. Apparently it was the POD that was faulty as the DT-25 worked fine with the POD from the shop (and my POD didn't work with the shop's DT-25 Head) ... it's within warranty so it has been sent out for repair. Worked out in the end I guess since sending the DT back for warranty would have been a real pain!
  2. Yeah on their own they work normally. It's just the Link that doesn't work. I made sure that I used a pre-amp model on the correct path (even used the built in HD->L6 setlist on the POD) but still nothing. I ordered a USB-Midi thingy in order to upgrade the firmware on the DT25 to see if that solves the issue but I guess it won't since I don't believe the firmware's on both devices have to match but It can't do any harm in trying I guess. I read a similar thread here from a Brazilian guy who had the same issue http://be.line6.com/supportarchivenew/thread/77589/. In the end his POD had some faulty wiring so I'll check with the shop where I got the POD to see if I can bring it in for some testing.... not the 'Dream' I had in mind though :-/
  3. Hi guys, I've had a POD500x for about half a year now and am pretty happy with it. This week I bought a DT25 in order to link up with the POD but it completely refuses to work. I've followed the instructions of the manuals & Youtube video's several times but I really don't see what I'm doing wrong. Playing produces no sound and turning the knobs on the DT25 doesn't do anything on the display of the POD itself. This is what I'm trying: 1. Turn on POD. Go into settings and set output on "Combo Pwr Amp" 2. Confirm that the L6 settings are on left/right and Amp A(ch1) 3. Connect LINK with XLR cable and switch on DT25 4. Wait 15 seconds and try fiddling the knobs to see if it' works. What I've also tried is: 1. Replacing the XLR cable (tried 3 different ones) 2. Downgraded my POD HD firmware back to 1.00 3. Re-upgraded to the newest one since that didn't work 4. Performed factory reset. Is there anything else I can check? Is there a way to see if the problem is with the POD or the DT? I bought both devices from 2 different shops so I can't just take both of 'em to the same shop to test ... The shop I bought the DT25 from is also a neighboring country so sending it back for warranty could cost me some money which I'd like to avoid :-/ ... I'm grateful for any help!
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    Same issue here. Love to see an official response.