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  1. I'm just trying to replicate the "snapshot" function in Helix and MIDI seemed like the best way to do it on the POD. My plan was to have a very short MIDI cable going from the MIDI Out straight back to the MIDI In, and using the built-in footswitches on the POD to send MIDI commands back to the POD itself. I thought I might get more versatility and programmability that way. My conclusion from reading the manual was that it couldn't be done, but I posted here anyway hoping someone else might have seen something I didn't.
  2. I know I can send a toggle on/off command, but I want to be able to send a "set to on" command such that if the pedal is off, it will turn on, but if it is on it will stay on and do nothing. Is this possible on the POD HD? The purpose behind this is I'm trying to recreate the "snapshot" functionality of the Helix on my HD500 (because like so many others I really want a Helix but can't afford one right now and already have an HD500), where you can have different "versions" of a patch with different blocks turned on or off saved and assigned to the buttons. I know I could do this by saving multiple patches and doing a patch change, but then you don't get tails on delays or reverbs and the audio output briefly goes silent as the new patch is recalled. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.
  3. I currently own a POD HD500 and love it. I would like to transition to a rack-based system though, so I want to get a POD HD Pro X. However, I still need floor control. I was wondering if rather than selling the HD500 and buying a FBV Shortboard MkII, maybe there's a way to use the HD500 to control the Pro X? Being able to have the HD500 "mirror" the Pro so I have properly labeled buttons and a screen that shows all my FX blocks, but all the processing be done at the rack to minimize cabling. Can you get this level of control by setting up the HD500 as a MIDI controller for the Pro X?
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