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  1. Tonight I was playing around and selected the Spank model, bridge position and had the tone knob turned all the way down. The high 'E' and 'B' strings would not produce much sound at all, like nothing was coming through the amp. The other four strings were OK. The TModel had the same issue but other models like Lester, Special, etc all were OK on those two strings. Anyone else experience this? Please try it if you haven't already and make sure your tone knob is all the way down to '1'. Thanks!@
  2. Hi All, in another thread I asked if anyone got a replacement neck from Line 6 under warranty. No one responded that they had. The consensus from others was to get a new Strat type neck. If I go that route, I would like to customize it a bit and since I like the shorter scale of a Les Paul I am considering Warmoth's 24.75" Pro Conversion neck that is designed for use with a Strat to shorten the scale. Has anyone here done that with their JTV's or Strats? If so, how did it work out and what, if any, pitfalls are there that I should be aware of? Thanks for any advice you guys can give.
  3. I've thought about going the Warmoth route but it's $300+ that I'd really rather not spend right now on a guitar I've already paid a lot for. Line 6 really should fix the problem. If I'd had half a brain I'd have returned it right away, it's got an on/off switch that doesn't work right now too. The Line 6 neck is not great but I think I could get used to it were it not for the high 'E' falling off the fretboard. One thing I've noticed regarding Strat vs. Line 6 neck is the shape of the back of the neck where the body meets the neck is different and it looks like a Strat neck on the JTV would be too squared off for playing at the higher frets. Has this been a problem for anyone who's put a Strat neck on a JTV? Still interested in hearing from anyone who has gone the warranty route!
  4. I've got a JTV-69 and have the problem with the high 'E' falling off the edge of the fretboard, like when pulling off from the second fret to open string. Obviously this guitar has a very thin neck which is made worse by what looks like too much bevel on the edge of the frets. I've read some postings here that state this was a manufacturing problem at one time. Based on the serial number, it looks like mine was manufactured years ago despite being sold to me late last year. I spoke to Line 6 about the problem and they say I'd have to take it to a service center. I called the closest one to me and the guy hadn't heard of the problem and said the guitar would have to be brought in for evaluation which could take several weeks before they get around to it. He also stated he's seen other guitars like this and blamed the player's technique. So I'm not exactly filled with hope for a positive outcome nor do I look forward to putting my guitar in the hands of someone who might be a butcher when I'm fully capable of swapping necks myself. So, my question for the community is, has anyone else who's had this problem gone this route and gotten a replacement neck from a Service Center and did the new neck solve the problem? Thanks!
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