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  1. true, I'd mean this seems a repeating problem, probably only sporadically, not endemic, but still a repeating problem, that is, not a unique case...not common to every amp but common about the amp problems....
  2. damn....it seems a lot of people have problems with this amps...
  3. this means you have only problem 1)? or also 2) and 3)?
  4. thanks for the answer, so you'd experienced all this 3 problems? I've just send a ticket to Line6 support
  5. I've got this amp from a webstore, the sound is very good, maybe surprising good.....but I've experienced some problems I've described in this short clip. http://youtu.be/0Izk6BCEHZE 1) hum on voicing III I've found on the web some DT's has a lot of hum on voicing III, especially in classA and pentode mode, as mine....some other owners says this voicing is quit....someone suggest to change the stock tubes 2) white noise in low volume mode at maximum level, especially in voicing III but also in I and II...why? 3) no sound in low volume mode until the volume pot came at 10 o'clock (I've read low volume level merge dsp at start and tubes at the end, why it starts at 1/3 of volume pot corse? is this normal?) Is this normal or I have to return this amp to the webstore? thanks in advance
  6. maybe I'm in the part of the coin which recognize the real one, and I wish to leave this part in the next firmware (but I've seen on the web my claim about the spank model is not the only one, and I don't want to downgrade to 1.9 version of firmware)
  7. Now I have a JTV69, but last year I had also a JTV59, the thing was the same, so this is not a problem of my particular guitar. I'm not a pro, but I play guitar since 25 years and in the past I was enough into high quality analog gear, enough to recognize a good sound https://www.youtube.com/user/anto7199/videos?spfreload=10 I've found the spank model horrible, and when I use the magnetic single coil of JTV I feel a lot of improvement in terms of harmonics and soul (while the model sounds sterile, nasal, poor); moreover, compared with a real Fender with Fat '50 pickups, the spank model sounds synthetic, without quack, and it doesn't cleans up as the real one, absolutely not. I don't find any Strat feel on it.
  8. I like a lot the concept of JTV (especially as part of the Dream Rig system), but the models needs a big improvement. If you compare a model with a magnetic real pickup the difference is embarrassing. Embarrassing, not in terms of similarity with the single real guitar modeled, but compared to the overall harmonic complexity of any real magnet. This is evident with clean and crunch amp settings: you don't need a real vintage $50.000 Stratocaster to prove it, it's enough do an a/b test with the onboard real pickups of the JTV. This is evident with a real good tube amplifier, but also with the Pod HD...embarrassing evident. The whole character of all models results poor, nasal, honky, compressed, it lacks in harmonics, it seems toys.... If you go to jam with some friends with your JTV you can save your reputation maybe only in an ultra high gain sound context, otherwise a Squier will be enough to make you feel as a naive kid with a cheap toy.... moreover the pots behave is far from the real ones (the way it cleans up...) To summarize I think today amp and effects modeling is a lot more plausible than guitar modeling I wish Line6 will improve it soon (a whole new firmware together with a new whole new firmware for Pod HD)
  9. I know it can seem a strange fact, but I did A/B test for a day, also with a spectrum (both has the peak at about 85hz and a second peak at about 185hz, but 59 is about 5db louder than 69 from 20 to 40 hz..... now, another strange fact, I've found a change when I've adjusted the screw height on the 69 saddles.... but isn't so strange to assume matarials near the saddle can change the resonance response I've found some subtel differences between 59 and 69 acoustic model (expecially model1), I mean same strings, same model, same settings....59 acoustics seems more bassy and crispy than 69 (more midrangey) In simple words, refer to my goal, I prefer this 59 response to imitate a bass drum and loop it (but I prefer 69 because I want the volume pot near the strings)
  10. hi, I've just compared a 59 and a 69. I've found 59 more bassy, especially with acoustic simulations. with 59 you can get a bass and loud percussive effect: if you beat the finger to low strings near the piezo, do the same thing on 69 produce a sound with less bass and more mids. Maybe the wood and the bridges brings so many differences? I've tested the only piezos, without strings: if you hit the piezo with the finger you have, again, a bassy sound on 59 and less bass on 69. To do percussive jobs 59 seems better. Can someone confirm me this impression? thanks in advance
  11. it seems JTV P90 has 25k tone pot with a treble bleed it could be useful also to have a treble bleed option to customize models
  12. moreover: magnetic pickups seems to have a treble bleed circuit I've experimentend some pots customization and there are good results: i.e. in strat models I've changed all volume pots to 100k and tone to 25K, now the sound is fuller, more usable, more dynamic and the output is the same of mag pickups
  13. thanks a lot to everyone for the answers to downgrade to 1.9 you must downgrade workbench too, it is a little boring! I've done, the things seems to be a little better, but some problem still remains i.e: (1.9 or 2.0): try mag at 2/10 and models at 2/10 volume: the sound of models seems to be not only less loud, but sterile and without crispness and harmonics of mags. so you can't solve this simply with an increase of global volume but, to be honest, when I've compared again the model with my real strat I've seen the real strat have a volume pot behave very similar to the models. It seems magnetic pickup of JVT shows a different dynamic behave from the magnetic pickups of the real guitars which the model came from (a busy concept with a poor english, I wish I was clear enough!)
  14. Hi, I've just got a JTV-59P (2.00 firmware). When i plugged it into my PodHD500x I've got this impressions: 1 - guitar models, sounds digitally "correct", but the volume is low. Compared to the on board real P90, the simulation is too low in volume, I've also compared my strat (Gilmour pickpus) with the simulation, again, the simulated strat volume seems too low (about 5db) Moreover I've lowerd the pickup height, consistently, but magnetic output is still overall higher than digital 2 - the worst thing came on dynamics: when I've tried the comparison with volume pot at 5/10 all the models sounds too low (compared to magnetic pickups at the same volume level) and sterile. 3 - In some pod settings this lack is evident: with octave fuzz at 3/10 volume magnetic pickups has a good smooth sound, while generally from digital simulations there are no output! 4 - Another lack came from sustain: magnetic pickup have more sustain than simulations It's a pity, 'cause I enjoyed the concept of this guitar, and I like a lot my podhd500x. what do you think about? have you got the same impression? it can be a problem of my guitar? thanks in advance, excuse me for my english
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