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  1. I was playing around with my Mesa preset today, and I scooped the mids and turned up the treble (it's ok when no one is watching), and I heard a faint popping noise, and then the sound faded out to nearly nothing. I switched presets and heard a louder pop, then the audio was normal until I switched again. Upon rebooting it was fine until I further tweaked, and it repeated the same cycle. Any suggestions as to the cause of this issue?
  2. Wait, if you're using the Combo Vetta (I'm assuming we're still talking about it), then it has the same speakers put in the 4x12 I use, which is the Line 6 cab made for the Spiders. That's odd, considering I often have too much bass. Unless of course you're referring to the G12 series Celestions, which from my experience haven't been too bright.
  3. The cabinet I have has an abundance of bottom end. It rumbles the practice room. I like it, but sometimes it doesn't seem to cut through to well. Hence the reason I want to try a Rectifier cab or something with V30's or maybe some G12's. If you really want more bottom end, I'd try closing the back. There's also the option of getting a graphic equalizer, but that's somewhat pointless when you've already got one in the Vetta. What sort of speakers does your cab use?
  4. I've played the amp model many times before, and it does have too much bottom end for my main guitar, since the pickups in it are based on adding bass and mid frequencies. It just sounds better to me when I use it with my 8 string. It's easy to get a Meshuggah tone out of it. As for the 6 string, favorite amp models are California Diamondplate and Modern Hi Gain. I also really like some of the Soldano models.
  5. Coil taps have to be the greatest invention ever made for diverse musicians. Vintage route, eh? The guitar I have now is excellent. I don't see the use of modifying it any further. Next thing I buy will probably be a Rectifier cabinet, to see how the V30's compare to the customs. Not too big on the custom celestions. They tend to be rather trebly when cranked up a bit.
  6. That's a great idea. But now that I've got those pickups, I really don't need something with that much bottom end. I do have neighbors.
  7. Oh I had no doubt tweaked it to where I wanted it. I did quite a bit of work on it after I posted here, but I got rid of the harshness and excess noise by switching pickups. The stocks had a lot of gain, but they weren't as mid range inclined as I wanted my tone to be. In the end, the mid and bass boost I got from the Tone Zone really helped me get all of my tones sounding better. It wasn't at all the Vetta's fault, with a good set of gear, you can get any tone you want from the Vetta, just don't expect to do that on cheap pickups and guitars. I just had a crappy pair of pickups. If the stock amp models are sounding thicker and much more realistic as well, you know you've spent 70 bucks well. Haha Also, throwing some post compression on it didn't hurt. Really smoothed out the way the distortion flowed.
  8. Turns out my pickups were the problem. I swapped out the stocks for some DiMarzio Tone Zones and that got me every tone I'd ever hoped for. Even my clean and Marshall emulations are better now. Heck, even the factory presets sound pretty good. For 70 bucks those make a huge difference.
  9. Sorry man I was in a hurry. I'm using a Schecter Omen Extreme FR with the stock pickups (ordered a Dimarzio Tone Zone for the bridge), and I'm trying to get something in between Danzig's guitar tone on 6:66 Satan's Child or Mick Thompson's on All Hope Is Gone. I actually did start this preset from scratch, I didn't try to take it from any factory tone if that's what you mean. I'll try poking around with some different amp models.
  10. Anybody got any they want to share? I've been tweaking the California Diamondplate model for the past 5 months trying to get that perfect live tone, and it's either too harsh and trebly or not able to cut through the mix. Not using the Armin mod or anything. The attached file is where I currently stand on the model. I use the 2.50 software and a Line 6 320 custom Celestion cab. Mesa Triple Lead.l6t
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