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  1. I do stand by my statements. Whether or not Sonic Port is vastly over-priced is a matter of personal opinion. In my opinion the price of the interface is more than it is worth. We probably disagree on that point. Where I think we do agree is that it is a good interface and useful. In looking at interfaces that connect through the 1/8" jack (iRig and others) and the reviews I have read about them, I concur with you that they are not a good choice if you are looking for or need a high sonic audio quality interface device. As I have not tried the other interfaces, I am not in a position to judge them. I just am aware that lower cost lightning port interfaces are available for guitar, bass, and keys. The Mobile Pod app will not work with interfaces other than Line-6 interface products Mobile-In and Sonic Port. This makes the app locked to Line-6 and thus I say it is a proprietary app in that you cannot use it with any other interface. I didn't buy Sonic Port solely for the ability to use Mobile-Pod, however, for the money spent compared to other software products combined with interface cost, I expect a lot more capability than Line-6 delivers. I play 4-6 times weekly in various venues using the interface in conjunction with my iPad and various apps that far exceed the capabilities of Mobile-Pod. The interface is good, the app not so good; worth the price paid...? not to me.
  2. Thanks for adding your voice to this issue. I have been learning the product by trial and error. It really shouldn't be that way. Also, I am finding much more capable app software that doesn't require a "dongle" interface. Sonic Port is a good interface and is useful, but I am finding there are other port interfaces available for a fraction of the cost. In my opinion Line-6's lack of product support and lack of features in its proprietary app will be the cause of the product's ultimate failure within the market being driven by users, more tech savvy than myself, who will just migrate naturally to other products based on cost and features. They may have started/created the amp modeling industry, but they will not be the dominant force much longer unless they deliver better value to users such as you and I.
  3. Hi, New to playing through devices other than my tube amplifiers and possibly technology challenged... I have the Mobile POD App on my iPad Air and am using it with Sonic Port. The app comes up fine and I do get sound from it, albeit somewhat more noise and distortion in the output than I desire but have managed that through level adjustment. I have been looking for a manual/pilot guide for the app and find absolutely no support for the product. I am trying to get a handle on the signal chain and level management. My understanding of the signal chain is: The instrument input signal goes into a bank of 4 available effects slots for pre-amplification signal processing. Signal then goes into: NO AMP TUBE PREAMP A modeled amplifier Signal then goes into: NO CABINET A modeled cabinet Does the app have AIR settings ? Signal then goes into a bank of 4 available post amplification or post speaker output effects slots. Output signal is routed to Sonic Port for direction to: Backline amplifier Mixing console Headphone or ear buds. The input signal is shown through a stereo level meter (lower left side of screen) and the output signal is shown in a stereo level meter with a trim pot slider (lower right side of screen). With the above stated understanding of the app I am able to do some things with Sonic Port and probably will be able to figure out how to use it effectively. However, it would be great if someone could point me to some documentation on how to use the app and Sonic Port based on specification. I am disappointed by the apparent oversight of Line6 to provide documentation of it's app. Thanks,
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