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  1. Many Thanks , as I suspected , so I will try to figure the send pins to/from on each cable and configure the 2nd cable as a specific send to amp2 with no receive as a test to see if the splitter could be re-configured as the special item with #2 as the special , with only a send for channel switching(2 pins) & volume control (? pins) being altered from "Share status". What is the interface voltage running from the amp to the FVB Express switching mechanism? Like 10v DC? , If I knew what pins do what , I can configure a really cool interface stack. Am I out of my mind , or actually on to something? In my job , I visualize what "Could be" and make it real, but do not want anything but results. I also have an XT Live if you are dole ling out schematics for Spider II 12"-75w units and XT Live boards , I could config a solve & advise. I read these for spa PC boards for a living and that stuff is AC 120v and 230v so I am not going to risk blowing a low voltage switching sub stack in the pedal if I can help it.. The product is stout, performs as advertised and contrary to what I read here , if not powered up on a below 108 volts to 115v supply , continues to function normally for years. A stereo option with a specially wired splitter so standard CAT5 cables could be used on any floorboard could be a reality. if you can forward Schematics , I will happily share. Lindsey
  2. Hi, Long time user , but have a tech question on FBV Express pedal changing program on 2- Spider II-75w amps , because more is better , 2 is better than one.. I would like to connect 2 amps to the pedal , but fear for voltage fold back and damage to the Amp pc logic board or the pedal logic board, I know the pedal gets it's power from the amp , but at least a couple of the 8 pins return signal to the amp for program change/Wha & volume. I have the Guitar signal to the amp handled with a cool master volume/pan pedal , but these amps are my passion and this would be such a great remote tool for my stereo rig. I have run this by a couple of Ex Line 6 sales reps , but a schematic of Cat5 signal with voltage send/return per pin would be amazing as I could isolate or disconnect the 2nd amp certain pins from the equasion that might affect the voltage spike on start up , I could connect after amp start up , but sure could use some direction. I have 3 of these currently, I use them for Rock/blues, acoustic and almost everything I do. Check the link for a pin assignment example https://www.amazon.com/Cable-Matters-Ethernet-Sharing-White/dp/B01DJOE4PU/ref=sr_1_50_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1523492120&sr=8-50-spons&keywords=2+to+1+cat5+connector&psc=1 Lindsey Spight
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