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  1. Is there any reason that I should spend the extra money for Mission Engineering EP1-L6 pedal vs getting the cheaper EX1 pedal? Other then build quality, whats the difference? Will both control the same stuff in a POD HD500? Or is the EX1 limited in some way?
  2. thanks so much for posting this...it has solved an issue i was working on. I have a graphtech ghost piezo system on two custom guitars. I was able to use the guitar in for the mags and then AUX in for the piezo side, both coming out of a ernie ball pan pedal, so that i would pan/blend between the piezo and mag sounds. This worked fine, but i was only able to run one amp sim...not two. Do dual mag tones, since the piezo was using up one path. By having the piezo going into the FX Loop, i can now run a dual amp setup for the mag side, and still pan to the piezo. Set up like this: Guitar out with TRS cable, Y split at the end. Mag side to guitar in. Piezo side into a Fishman Aura Spectrum pedal, then out to POD HD500 FX loop return. Expression pedal set to control MIX level of FX Loop, which then acts as a pan between my dual amp mag setup , and my piezo sound. Next im going to setup some reverb and delay effects after the FX loop at the end of the chain, and then set their mix levels to follow the mix level of the FX Loop. This way I can still add effects to the piezo sound, but when i pan back to the mag sound, those effects for the acoustic side are cut off, so they dont effect my mag side. Awesome to have FX set up for both my mag and piezo sound all in the same unit, and still be able to pan/blend the two.
  3. as a work around, am i able to break a link between the expression pedal and what its assigned to when i activate the toe-switch? Example: I have the master volume of an amp in the "controls" section of edit set to look for min and max values from EXP1 I have a wah pedal set for EXP1, but have it off. When i click the toe-switch, i have it assigned to turn on the wah. When i rock the wah, is it still adjusting the volume of the amp? Or is there a way to "break the link" between the control of the amp volume when i click that toe-switch? My ultimate goal, is to find out if there is a way to have one EXP control volume or wah, by pressing the toe switch, and have EXP2 control a seperate parameter. Is there not a way to have EXP1 set to control both volume and wah, but turning one off and one on when clicking the toe-switch? So that I have both a volume and wah running only on EXP1? i'll word it another way, in case that makes no sense: EXP1 is set as a volume pedal. Set volume pedal to turn off when pressing the toe-switch. Toe-switch turns on the wah, and that wah is set to EXP1. So everytime i press that toe-switch, it's changing from volume, to wah...or wah to volume, but staying on EXP1.
  4. Can I set up the on board pedal to still operate two separate parameters based on the pedal toe-switch, and still have an additional expression pedal control another parameter? Example: On board pedal controls volume. Activate the toe-switch and it goes to wah. Additional Expression Pedal always controls just gain level on a distortion effect. Or do I lose the toe-switch change when adding a second expression pedal? And.... Can I set the toe-tap switch to change what both pedals effect at the same time? Example: Pedal 1 controls volume, Pedal 2 controls gain. Activate the toe-switch, and now Pedal 1 controls delay mix, and Pedal 2 controls reverb mix? Thanks.
  5. Thank you for the help! Im glad to hear it will accomplish what i set out to do.
  6. So your saying i can have input 1 mapped to path A and have input 2 mapped to path B? It's fine to be summed into a single stereo output at the final stage...that's what i want. That way if no signal is doing to input 1, then all i get is input 2 sounds, and vice versa. But as i pan with my ernie ball pan pedal, it is gradually panning between the two sounds. So your saying i can accomplish this?
  7. The end result depends on if I'm using my Boss-RC300 loopstation or not....but i think it would be set up the same way in the hd500 regardless of which way im using it, if its possible to do what i want. If I am using the loopstation, then the result is to have the left and right out on the hd500 go into the left and right in on the rc300. And then the L/R out of the loopstation goes to the house PA If im not using the loopstation, then the outputs of the hd500 would be going to two tech 21 power engine 60 amps. Left out to one power engine 60 and the right to another power engine 60. that way my stereo effects sound great coming out of two amps. But i want the piezo sound to come out of those same two amps. So i would have a stereo cable coming out the guitar to a pan pedal. The pan pedal has two outs. one side would be the mags, one side the piezo. I want to plug the mag side into the guitar in, and the piezo side into the aux in. So that's my input 1 and input 2. I wanted input 1 to have its own set of effects, and input 2 to have a different set of effects. Here is an example to work with... Let's say I want one sound to be distorted with a leslie rotating speaker effect out of my two amps....so it needs to be stereo out of my hd500 to two amps. But i may want to pan from that sound to my piezo sound. but i want that piezo sound to come out of both amps as well...but clean without the leslie effect. Here is a youtube vid of a guy doing what i want to do. only he is using a tc nova system and a parker fly. around 2:40 in the vid he starts showing how he changes from piezo and electric sounds, and at 3:10 you can hear him using a pan pedal to slowly go from a acoustic sound into a distorted tone..all in stereo. his setup is a bit different since he is using two pedals..and he is taking advantage of the tech 21 amp having 1/4" ins and XLR ins.
  8. Hello, I've been searching the forums for an answer and can't quite seem to find what im looking for. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a guitar with a graphtech ghost piezo system installed. The 1/4" jack is a stereo jack. I'm wanting to run one stereo guitar cable out to a Ernie Ball pan pedal. One out of the pan pedal goes to the POD HD500. The other out goes to a Fishman Aura Spectrum pedal. The out of the Fishman Aura pedal would go back into the HD500 mic input or into the AUX in...either one...the aura has a xlr out and a 1/4" out. Wanting it this way so that I can pan back and forth between the mag and piezo sound, and have the outs of the HD500 go stereo into a Boss RC300 loopstation. My problem is...Can i have 2 stereo paths for both the mag side and the piezo side? So that either my nasty distorted tone, or my clean acoustic tone come out of BOTH Left and Right outs of the HD 500. I really want both mag and piezo to be stereo. I know that most of the time the acoustic will be a "mono sound", but i may want to play with stereo FX on the piezo side. I keep reading posts where people say to pan hard left and hard right to get two tones, but I want both of my tones to stay stereo. So input 1 would go to one stereo path with it's own set of FX, and input 2 would go to it's own stereo path, with it's own FX, and the Ernie Ball Pan pedal to pan between the two inputs to get from one tone to another or a mix, in stereo. hope that makes sense.
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