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  1. Hi all, I am looking for new powered monitors for my HD500. My main purpose is to practice in room and I play mostly metal and heavy rock. I am now using a single Behringer C5A with HD500. So far C5A works fine for me, but I just want to try more choices. My budget is around $150-200 for a single monitor and I’ve read people recommend KRK Rokit 5 at this range. I know my budget is not too much, so I’m wondering will a KRK Rokit 5 works better and has significant improvement than C5A? I am also considering a small watt tube amp like Blackstar HT-5 since I have never played tube amps before and really want to try one. So according to my purpose, is it worth to get a tube amp with my HD500 instead of a powered monitor even it’s out of my budget? Thanks!
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