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  1. I haven't played through a tube amp in about 10 years. But back then, the amp looked like it was from the 60's and still had the original tubes... Whole other topic though. Yeah, they did not give me a hard time at all. I'd like to think perhaps, due to the fact that they were quite busy and I was an upset consumer walking in there with an amp that turns most heads.
  2. Thanks everyone. It just so happened that I went back to the store and they had another "1" in stock... hmmmm. They honored the exchange and I just tested the new one out. Let me just say, wow not even the same amp! This one sounds great.
  3. Do you know if they typically come in a box? I was also told the amp did not ship with a box. I wonder if it was a store demo and abused to hell and they just lied to me -- it was the only one they had.
  4. Just picked up this amp at GC, and the issue started immediately. The tech at GC made it clear that "This is a tube amp and the pops and crackles you hear are normal; if you want quiet then don't buy a tube". As demonstrated in the video, it is clearly not a cable issue altough it may resemble that type of sound. I believe this noise has the potential to cause hearing damage without warning if you're nearby. Has anyone else ever experienced this issue? Thanks for any input. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9pco2rHJnc&feature=youtu.be
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