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  1. Hello all, This is my first post as a new user so please go easy in me, LOL. I have recently purchase a Helix floorboard and a Powercab Plus, i have also ordered a pre-owned JTV59. Can any of you who have all three components provide any direction in order to where to start to have all three units syncing with each other (MIDI, USB, etc.)? As of right now I would like to have the Helix and the Powercab syncing, will this work with just the LIne6 Link or do i need to use a MIDI cable in addition?
  2. Hello all, I have recently taken the plunge and bought a Helix Floor unit, I will be taking some time to learn my way around it an would like to know what any of your experiences are with FRFR speakers are? I will be selling off all off all of my Marshalls at this point and going completely digital.
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