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  1. Hi, its a very cool video. Nice sound and performance. Will check your tips in the future for my setup. Question - you use a Marshall Halfstack with the face to the audience - isn't it a Problem because of Volume? Thanks a lot
  2. Hi, I have just a short question about recording. Multi channel recording just records native (Pre-) Input signals - makes sense. But what's about the Main Mix - what will there be recorded? The Signal that goes to the PA - with all settings effects etc? Or is the Main Mix although "bundled" native Input signals? bye
  3. Great Forum !!!! In many other Forum there is a lot of blabla and bulllollipop bingo. But you all gave exquisite Information. Very helpful. Will post my next question soon :D CU
  4. Thank you so much for the answers, yes, the influence of different venues can be significant. I just talk about more similar (but not identical venues). And what I expect is (in best case) after auto trim the setup that I just have to adjust the Main EQ and Effects. Hopefully :-) But I have another question, SiWatts69 mentioned to record and adjust with the recordings. But in the case of small venues and the Drum set has just a Kick Drum Mic it doesn't work - how do you handle this? Mic the whole Set?? And, What's about the Influence of the direct Drum Sound and the Guitar Amp Influence? Does this really work without having the Band on the stage? Hope my English is good enough - I'm not a native speker :D CU Dieter
  5. Hi, I have bought a M20D and it just will be delivered in the next days. But I am very familiar with it by reading the manual 100 times. Amazing stuff. By reading all the Information a question comes up: So if I have set up the M20D in a perfect way and everything is saved - is it possible just to use auto trim at an other venue with the stored setup and the Monitor and Master Output can stay as it was stored (more or less depending on environmental sound influences) ? I'm talking about a rock band with the same setup from Gig to gig, but if the Amp-Mics or Drum-Mics not at exact the same position we need to re-calibrate the Input Trim. What's your experience about my question? Thanks a lot Dieter
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