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  1. Yes, I agree that this smell is not normal, and I agree with you that there is some internal component that does not work well .... I look forward to news from assistance thank you
  2. Yes, the device is still under warranty, and for that reason I have not opened to check the interno..Ho open a ticket in support and I look forward to communications. Thanks for the help allotted
  3. bought nuovo..luglio 2015, online in a major European store, and used at most ten hours ... not twice as I mistakenly wrote before. I do not think it can be powdered ... :)
  4. @ Silverhead The device simply works on the floor, without storage or other .. and the air vents (?) Have no obstruction Thank you
  5. I do not think either one cockroaches or other .. :-), and not from the power cord .. Yes, I am not in the United States, and the power supply being used is correct for my country (220V) I think it's more 'due to some internal component, is a' 'smell "that sometimes I've heard in other electronic equipment, as for work are a technical ... Thanks Pianoguyy, for the speedy involvement
  6. Goodmorning everyone, I apologize for my "English" ... is not my native language. I purchased in July 2015 hd500x, I used a few times and only at home, powered speakers and / or amplifier combo Marshall: For some time it notices a strong "burning smell" coming dall'HD500x, even if it seems to work ... someone has had the same problem? It is to be sent in for service? Thanks for the attention
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