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  1. spiric_ru

    Line 6 Monkey - Can't Connect To The Internet

    I updated my gear from the other device (notebook) via the same LAN. And it doesn't work on desktopPC that time. I see, recomendations from support are not resolve problem. I see it now, I saw it two years ago. There's an unknown little thing which can do problem with update. It can be in registry, in a windows library, in a windows service (one of them is off), in a third party soft... I don't know. But will it work or not - nobody can predict. My advice - just try another computer (Sorry for bad English) P.S.: Line6, thanks for helping, anyway your products is great)
  2. spiric_ru

    Line 6 Monkey - Can't Connect To The Internet

    it doesn't work at all I've just updated (1.67) monkey and it can not connect to server too - "Sockets: connection refused" (although firewall is not loaded at all and lan works excellent) my actions? (win7/64)
  3. WOW I've done it) I don't know what was wrong but I updated my mic with fresh system without any troubles... (I think cause of the trouble was my firewall, alough all permissions had been set) thanks you far all answers and helping
  4. The trouble in this topic (http://line6.com/supportarchivenew/thread/133763) is still alive... I use wired internet (not wi-fi) and tried other place and even city))) - no result. Thanks.