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  1. What if you bought second hand?
  2. I am sitting at a train station reading this. My destination guitargiitar in Central London to test a helix lt. I have no intention or funds to purchase it new. So I am testing and if I like what I hear I will purchase second hand.... At least this was the plan. After reading so many posts about a faulty pedal I would like to know whether I would get any help from line 6 if it went wrong? The pedal I have seen second hand is less than 6 months old according to the advert (if that is to be believed). At what point was the manufacturing process fixed?
  3. I did tell the M13 that FX1 and 2 are pre FX loop. That way I can have my delays and reverbs in the loop on FX 3&4. I must say upon first switching on, I hated the distortions and overdrives. However, after very little tweaking, you can get pretty decent OD's and Distortons. Above all, the main thing for me is how good the noise supressor is. I had all analogue pedals with my Big Muff pie in the loop of a boss NS2, and the problem was every venue had a different earth and I would end up cranking the noise suppressor so high that all the dynamics would die. With the M13 I have dead silence no matter how I crank up the distortions. Its a brilliant unit. Also I do not know if going through a valve am makes the difference however my amp is always set clean. Very good unit. regards Jim
  4. Can I set the M13 as follows? See picture. That way I can setup a compressor in front of the dirt pedals. Regards Jim
  5. I have my M13 connected as follows: guitar/harmony singer/ Big muff/ Green Rhino M13 M13 fx return to Amp send m13 output to amd fx return M13 sen to amp input. Effects 1 and 2 i use dirt and compresors and effects 3 and 4 are in the loop for delays and reverbs. The problem I have with this setup is I do not have a compressor before the dirt pedals. If anything compressors will come after the dirt on the M13. I was thinking of wiring it up as shown in the picture. Since the M13 send hits the front of the amp, I was thinking of coming out of M13 send into dirt pedals (which now means if I add a compressor on FX1, it will technically be in front of the dirt pedals before they hit the Amp input. Am I right in my thinking or have I missed something? Regards Jim
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