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  1. Exchanging the two 12AX7 with new ones made the hissing disappear. Out of curiosity I put the old ones back in and - surprise - the hissing was still gone. To play it safe I'm using the new ones. Thx Location: Frankfurt, Germany
  2. My DT50-212 just started to generate a strong noise(hissing) independend from volume. Strongest noise in Class AB, Pentode mode. Does anybody have an idea?
  3. The transformer was ok, I checked power cables and connectors and found a bad power plug. btw - The Amp was purchased February 2014. Thx for the support
  4. Thanks for the tip but unfortunately that wasn't it. I exchanged all tubes but the problem stayed.
  5. Today I tried to switch my DT50 212 on. I flipped the power switch to 'on', while in standby mode The powerlight went on for a second and turned dark. The powerlight stays dark but the tubes are glooming. When I switch standby off, a humming comes from the speakers. Playing a guitar does not work.
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