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  1. wbuon

    pitch raise

    thanks all. Sure, I am well aware that I could write out the transposition and play the tune in the new key, I was just wondering if my new device had the capability to transpose. BTW, the tune is Lush Life, which is VERY rubato and you need to follow the singer closely, which really would necessitate re-writing all the lyrics along with the transposed chords. Again, certainly doable, just wanted to know if the helix could do a simple transposition to save some time. cheers, Bill
  2. wbuon

    pitch raise

    thanks everyone. i convinced the singer to do the tune in the original key :) capo is not an option, there are no open position chords. a transposition feature would be nice, many keyboards have that feature.
  3. wbuon

    pitch raise

    Is there a way to use the pitch effects to raise the pitch one whole step, without altering the tone at all? I need to play a jazz tune and the singer wants it up a whole step. What I've tried so far is not a pure whole step transposition that sounds clean with jazz chords. I'll play around with it but I need this by tomorrow so if anyone has done it, please let me know. thanks! Bill
  4. Yes! Switching the expression pedals to Global fixed it. Thank you!
  5. Whenever I switch to another preset, it is always at full volume, even though the Volume Pedal is at half (for example). The HD 500 did not exhibit this behavior. Is there a way to switch presets and have the volume at the correct level? Currently I need to back off the volume when switching presets and then adjust the volume up, not the smoothest transition.
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