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  1. Thanks man! Feel the same way, unless it becomes a frequent thing, I’m not sending it to repair either
  2. Hi @Elephantstomp, wonder if you or anyone on this thread got an IT ticket with Line 6 to get this solved or if you already updated to the 2.92 firmware and it fixed the issue ? I have the same problem and still on the 2.91 version,
  3. hi @blinkfredy, yes, I have some updates. I got a response for my ticket, looks like Line 6 US customer service contacted the local distributor in Mexico City and they wrote to me. They sent me a prepaid call tag (carrier stamp) for me to ship them the defective unit. I sent it like a week ago and now I am supposed to be getting a replacement any time soon from them. I'll let you know as soon as it arrives. Hope they really close up this process, I've always had good experiences with LIne 6 products and customer service so hopefully this will not be the exception, even when it has been a while since I opened the ticket.
  4. @chicovespa This is exactly what’s happening to my unit. I opened the ticket and after a few push backs from them saying this was related to my unit and not to the FW, (I kept saying my unit worked fine before the update) they told me to contact my local distributor, which in my case is in Mexico City, I need to wait until they reopen because of the pandemics. Hope they will be able to fix it , as I bought it on Amazon , not from the local distributor. Very disappointed with the unit, and the Line6 service as well, they should just have a new FW released !!! Thinking seriously to buy a Boss WL
  5. I just got my response from customer service I am sorry to hear about your gear! It seems that your transmitter may be having battery issues. I highly suggest reaching out to your distributor for assistance when possible. really? Line6 really needs to provide a formal workaround to this issue, we need a new firmware!! It’s disappointing! My gear was working just fine before the firmware update!!
  6. Hello! I seem to have the same situation as you, red blinking, not charging at all, wonder how your unit is doing? Have you tested how long the charge lasts? I’m gonna do the leaving -two -days disconnected - thing, see if mine works , as I’ve done all the rest same as you
  7. Similar issue here, I updated my g10, both transmitter and receiver to the new firmware per the security reasons, and now it’s not charging, base is white for a while, transmitter blinking red, seems charging but after some time base goes red again and the transmitter seems to discharge until not blinking any more , please help! Are you releasing another firmware update? I just opened a ticket, very disappointed, not a cheap unit and it’s sad to see it ruined for a fw update
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