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  1. I just had the same issue with my DT25. I power it up, lights come on, tubes light up but no sound comes out. Any ideas of where to start...I am forced to run through my old Fender Twin for a gig now, because I won't have time to get it fixed if it isn't something simple.
  2. Hey all, just had an issue creep up the last couple of band practices, I am using the pod hd500x into dt25 via l6 link. The past couple of times when we have practiced I will be playing and all of a sudden the volume will go zero, I switch patches and it comes back. Any suggestions on what the issue is?
  3. Hi all, have two quick questions about the HD500X: 1. What do you find gives best results as far as System I/O goes? (I.e combo front etc) 2. The other night I was playing through some patches I had made and was adjusting channel volume and for some reason it keeps resetting the channel volume back to 100 even when I save at lower volume, any tips or tricks?
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