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  1. Hi all, proud new owner of a PC+ and was wondering if it was supposed to include a USB cable. I bought it from Sweetwater so I need to give them a call and let them know because mine didn’t have one in the box thanks
  2. I found it. The factory tones output to multi. I had to set the signal chain output to 1/4” all is good now man I love this thing
  3. Hi all, just got my helix and loving it. Just now diving into the fun stuff heres my goal, play my backing tracks from Presonus Studio One through the helix XLR outputs and have my guitar play through the power cab I’m able to get my backing track to play through the XLR out, but it includes the guitar signal. I have studio one setup with Helix as the audio interface. I have the USB IN on helix set to XLR. I have my guitar set to 1/4” for output What am I doing wrong? thanks in advance. John
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