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  1. I found out how to do it . You have to use the Snapshots and in the Command Center you have those lightning buttons above the Footswitches which are called "Instant". There you have to select bank/prog and you only have to change the program , coresponding to the presets in the Torpedo ( also the MIDI CC from the Torpedo must be off , you only need PC on ) So you can select different programs on different Snapshots with different speakers . On each Snapshot you can change the INSTANT button. Hope it helps .. Best Regards Alex !
  2. Hi ! I am trying a quite complicated setup . I have my Helix that controls the Amp switching . I also have the Torpedo connected to the Helix via MIDI . In Helix's command center i have a footswitch for amp channel switching , but i cannot have the same footswitch to sent MIDI command to the torpedo so it can change my speaker . Example : For Drive sounds i can use a Marshall 4x12 but for clean i want to use a Fender 4x10, and i want to do that only by pressing a button , or at least to be able to do that when i am changing snapshots ! Thanks !
  3. Hi ! I have a Friedman Brown Eye which i want to control with Helix . I did all the buttons configuration for switching channels . My problem is, it does not affect the boost switch . I have 1 tip - amp switching and 2 Ring for Boost when i am on the dry channel . The thing is , it used to work before , but after the firmware upgrade it does not . I wanted to attach the patch but it seems i can't. Thanks for help Best Regards
  4. Hmm interesting thing , unfortunatelly i don't recall if the XLR out was plugged ... But it makes some sense ! I will see tomorrow . Thanks !
  5. It's like some hizz , like parasites on a tv more or less . The sound guy told me to take it out cause he was affraid of burning the speakers. It was not constant and it first time appeared when i turned the Helix on . This happened once before ( 2 weeks before ) but after a restart all went well . This time it was starting to add parasites when i plugged in the DC Cable.
  6. Hi ! I have encountered a big problem. When i plug the Helix to the current socket , there is a strange noise in the PA , without turning it on. It is quite scary for me , cause i am in the middle of the tour and the whole gig is stored in the unit. Any advice please !! Kind Regards !
  7. Hi ! Sorry i haven't answered , i was out for easter Holiday . Here are some patches . Note that this is 4CM with a send and return . They are not like the originals on EHX , i just take their ideea and explore it myself . Feel free to add sugestion and stuff . I have an electro project with a DJ and i am really into wierd sounds and stuff . I am loocking for nice ambiental sounds and also noises and bass sounds . Although Helix is a superb unit , a think it lacks the "crazyness" you can get with pedals , but i think now with the computer software editing will be easier and fun . Cheers ! Helix .zip
  8. Hi Is anyone familiar with the EHX Effectology series ? Bill Rupert is doing some crazy things using his pedals ! I managed to emulate first 3 sounds ( Blues Harp , the Cello and the WhO sound ) . http://www.ehx.com/effectology But a lot of time he is using the HOG and the Micro Synth ! Any chance to get a HoG modeller in the future ? Or is it a complicated pedal ? ( i'm trying to upload some patches but i can't do it here ) Thanks !
  9. Apparently if i set the return on MY PATCHES to 100 MIX the sound is good , but on VMONCEBAIZ the return is set to standard 50%. I will record a video to show clearly , maybe someone else will find himself stuck here !
  10. So for whom wants to help ! In this archive there are some presets - RIFF , SOLO LEAD and CLEAN are based on VMONCEBAIZ patches ( 4cm 2 and 4CM3 ) ... wit this ones the amp sounds full - STEREO KELLEN , WISH YOU WERE HERE and JTM LEAD are also VMONCEBAIZ presets, but they sound different even if i matched everything - Others are mine , but as you can see , they will also sound different , even if UEW PRESET is just a send and return ! From what I hear, sounds like a buffer somewhere , the difference is not huge in terms of volume , but is in terms of sound quality and frequency. It sounds plastic somehow ! Please help, is my first time going digital and i already feel my geek level has doubled :)) Archive.zip
  11. Hi ! I have a Helix which i wanna use with the 4CM method with a Friedman Brown eye I have downloaded "VMONCEBAIZ" 4CM2 and 4CM3 patches (http://line6.com/customtone/tone/1604604/) . The amp sound how it's supposed to. I have also downloaded some other presets of his and others , but even if i close all the effects , i put send retruns instead of amps and cabs , all the other patches sound a bit different than 4cm2 and 3 . I have also put only send and return in one patch and it too sound different ( same as all other presets ) . Please help me , i dunno what to do , i tried everyhing , i also spent a lot of time figuring out how to insert an EXT AMP block but now i know . I have tried with removing the global eq , is not that . It something in those 2 patches that make the amp sound right . Al the others loose some of the treble and are a very little bit louder, and the sound is less organic ! Thanks a lot for the help Best Regards Alex !
  12. Figured it out ! For ones interested ... PRESS MENU - COMMAND CENTER (3rd knob ) - select a place where you wanted it and rotate the first knob clockwise until you get EXT amp Select Tip 1 for changing channels , but you can also switch the reverb or engage boost ( this how i use it with a Friedman ) Cheers !
  13. Hi guys ! I'm having trouble with creating an EXT AMP switch in a new patch . I have downloaded a patch with 4CM , it works fine , but i dunno how to create it in a new preset !
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