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  1. I've been told by Musician's Friend today that mine is now due to ship May 18... but they've not been right at any point of this process, so I am not banking on this either.
  2. Please let me know if it actually ships. Since GC and MF are the same company, I would imagine that some of the MF orders would get shipped, too.
  3. That seems to be the consensus. Seems like I messed up by going through MF, but I am worried that I'll just delay myself further if I place an order with Sweetwater now.
  4. I placed a pre-order with Musician's Friend in early February and my shipping date keeps getting pushed out. I understand potential issues in the current health climate, but I am not getting any sort of reliable communication from MF, so I thought I would check here to see if I can better understand.
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