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  1. Anyone have experience with their amplifi cutting out? If I turn it off and turn it back on it works fine until it cuts out and I hear a very low white noise. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the reply! I see I can save the tones in my ABCD presets but can I still stream the music from my ipad to the amp without the app or with the capability of using the pedal. This wouldn't be a problem if the song had on constant tone or sound but for some with other thst require switching I might. Thanks
  3. Let's say I am playing a song like cemetery gates with a clean tone and driven tone. Will amplifi match both and will I be able to switch tones as I jam to the track? Will I have to save both of those to my ABCD presets on the amp or can I save them from app and switch with the pedal? I read that the pedal will not work will app is running? Would that mean I can't stream music with the app and switch tones with the pedal? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the reply. I checked the amp with a different guitar like you said and it wasnt the amp. I decided to switch the battery to my pickups and that fixed it. I havent had EMGs that long and it was the first time I switched the battery. I didn't know this may be one of the signs of a dead battery.
  5. I have had my Spider IV for 2 years and everything has been great. As of late on the clean channel there is a buzz when playing the high E, B, G strings. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. Do I need a new speaker? Also, if anyone has replaced thier speaker in a Spider IV 75 what did you switch to? Thanks
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