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  1. first calibration - it showed 10 - 100 i had to tight the screws on my pcb circuit board for exp pedal then the readings were fine 0 - 100.... this will work sometimes try!!
  2. I reinstalled my firmware and flash and after recalibration it worked.... since there were hardware problems with my footswitches( i changed my tact switches) , i thought it is the same hardware issue with my inbuilt expression pedal... but now everything is fine , thanks every one !! , i changed my tact switches to a little taller ones( red coloured parts in the image)...
  3. Any idea About the sensors used in the expression pedal pcb?! ... my four year old pod hd 500 inbuilt expression pedal doesnt work,trying to figure out what type of electronic component is that . (D11 and Q1 right most parts on the image attached)
  4. so you mean even if i use a ts connector, and when i unplug the connector from the guitar , it will disconnect the battery power.... thanks a lot..
  5. i'm using a strat with the hd 500 so far which i connect with TS jack on both the ends... now i'm getting this prs torero which has active pick ups.. and also i'v read that its is advisable to use a TRS jack and not to use a mono that is a TS jack which will ruin the battery life of the guitar and ... i'm totally confused about this thing... how should i wire the TRS jack from the PRS guitar into the pod hd 500 input jack which is a TS input ( i believe so )... some one please help me... i never used a active pickup in my life...
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