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  1. By the way, the pedal is not at 100% (fully depressed) when I power it on. I've checked that. Even if it starts at zero (fully "un-depressed"?) it still starts at a very high volume and I have to rock the pedal full up a little and then back off for it to turn the volume down.
  2. Hey guys - I have an odd problem that I can't trace back to any particular point in time. I have a Spider IV 7 with the foot board. It works pretty well and I gig about once a month. A few months ago I noticed that when I power it on, the volume is always at 100%. I have to immediately reach over to the foot pedal and rock it back to zero. The master volume is set at about 1pm. The Channel Volume is set at about 9:30 (half past 9 and 10am). Any idea why this would suddenly start? Is there something in the settings that shoots the volume up to 100% immediately? It only happens when I power it on from being off. Throughout the gig, it's just fine. Thanks -
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