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  1. I have looked through all the JM4 pdf-manuals, all text on the box and all text in the paper-manual. It doesn't say anything about copyrights and how I am allowed to use the tracks I make on top of the built-in tracks.
  2. Thanks for the answer. I'm going to compete soon in a computer-game hackathon competition. There will be extra points for music. So I want to make sure that I'm not violating anything if I play guitar along the tracks and use it.
  3. Hello, this question is probably answered somewhere else but I coudn't find the answer. I have a JM4 Looper. If I record a jam-track and add my own guitar on top of it. What is the situation with performing rights? Can I use it as sound in a computer-game for example? Are the jam-tracks copyrighted in any way? Best regards, Thorsten
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