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  1. Totally agree with this. I just can't dial "organic" tone with any of the distortion amps (uber, dual recto, slo). All have this fizziness/harshness. It's the same problem since the old POD XT. On the other hand, the patch I design with plexi lead and dual screamer is amazing.
  2. Hi guys. I want to know if it's possible to play my POD HD500 directly into a studio monitor/computer speaker, without the need to use a DAW/turning on computer. So far I've been using my POD through a keyboard amplifier. I'm moving to a new city and plan to bring my HD500 with me, but the keyboard amp is too heavy to transport. I plan to buy a new computer and speakers. If I can play directly to my speaker, It will spare me the cost of buying another amp/frfr speaker. I'm a total noob about digital recording, and english is not my first language either. I hope you can understand what I mean. Thanks a lot!
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