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  1. Thanks, Well that's disappointing. This is the 2nd Line 6 device (amplifi FX100 was the first, which I returned to the vendor for the HD500X) that doesn't really cut it for live performances-well done Line 6 !
  2. Does anyone know how to get the HD500X to send a midi program change to another device immediately when a preset is selected on the HD500X? I know how to assign the change to FS1-FS8, Looper, Tap or EXP, within a preset, but how do you get it to send the program change automatically when a preset is selected? I want the program change sent when I select a preset. For example: when I select USER preset 2C via footswitch, I want it to simultaneously send a midi program change for program 63 to another device. The manuals are as clear as mud... Thanks
  3. I want two patches to have the same volume, when switching from one to the other, without moving the volume pedal. So far I'm not having much luck making this happen (using amp volume or pedal volume). Can anyone help? Thanks
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