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  1. Hi CipherHost, thanks for you detailled answer! Very much appreciated! And how cool is it that the amps still communicate over L6 link, even without a POD HD. I really wasn't expecting that. Clearly, adding the POD HD gives a ton of flexibility but for those who just want a basic dual amp setup, it's nice that the L6 link also accommodates that. Thanks for pointing out the behavior af a standard footswitch in that scenario. Personally I don't see a huge drawback in that. I would probably use the same channel in each amp anyway and use a boost pedal for leads.
  2. Hi, I'm a proud owner of a DT 25 head and cab and am considering buying a second dt amp for some dual amp tones. I run my amp standalone; since I barely use any effects I don't have a POD HD. Now, what happens if you connect 2 DT amps via L6 link when there's no POD HD in the rig? Can you run a dual amp setup this way or do you still need some type of ABY-box to achieve this? Has anyone ever tried this? Thanks in advance for your input!