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  1. Hey Mike thanks. Simple and effective. I had come to that same conclusion but I just wanted to see if there were any other possibilities. Keep on pickin. Kelly
  2. Sorry. It's been a while for me to get back to my recording problems at hand. So here's where I'm at...The reason why I cannot install podfarm on my second computer is that this computer does not have internet connectivity on purpose so I won't pick up any viruses. I called the store from which I purchased the UX2 and Podfarm and asked them for a solution but they had none. Does anyone know if I can purchase a physical key to allow me to use Podfarm on the non-connected computer?
  3. I installed Podfarm on my laptop and then a number of months later tried to install it on my desktop. The recording interface I am using is the UX2. When I attempted installation on the desktop the message stated that Podfarm recognized the UX2 but would not recognize the computer as mine and therefore would not install. My administrator name (and also the user name) on my laptop differs from the administrator and user names on my desktop. I purchased my desktop used from a friend and it still bears his name. Is this the reason I cannot istall to my desktop? And if so, how can I fix this?
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