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  1. The toneport won't act right with the desktop down there either but all the computers run fine. Had to use a behringer umc2020 on the desktop just to keep doing my projects. The toneport doesn't have its own power supply.
  2. I have a laptop with WIndows 10. When i am upstairs using my toneport it works fine. When i go downstairs away from my family, it fails like i need to install new drivers. Buzzes and hisses. Can't listen to Youtube. Half of the Podfarm effects dont load.. WORTHLESS. I thought it was the drivers. UNISTALLED. REINSTALLED. NOTHING. Changed usb cable. Changed power supply. Nothing. Go back upstairs. WORKS PERFECTLY. IS MY BASEMENT CURSED? This is the lamest thing ever. I cant record my vocals upstairs while my wife and kid are watching tv. I had the TONEPORT UX2 on my desktop in the same basement. It failed after a while too. I was so happy to get this laptop running so i could use the effects on it again. I even had it running upstairs and carried it down to the basement while talking into the mic while carrying the toneport. it stayed working obviously but i needed to restart to see if i could set up down there for good. Restarted. Toneport failed. Brought the toneport back up to my kitchen and turned it on. Works perfectly. HEEEEELLLLLPPPPP.
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