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  1. Hi POD users, I've got this problem: I always played with one guitar through pod and my amplifier using 4CM because I use my amplifier's pre. Now I want tu use the second input as a separate source, so I moved my FX loop block in the upper Channel A, while in the Channel B, i'm using the signal of my amp slaved. The problem is that when I moved the FX loop, I noticed a consistent increase of gain (maybe that famous 6 db of send signal that were missing using 4CM) Have you tried using 4CM only in one Channel, instead of both?? Is this a Known issue??
  2. Thank you. I found the solution. It was a problem of ground. When you use the line out of a THD Hotplate you have to use a guitar cable with no ground. Now I've got another problem:I've noticed that when I put the fx loop signal in channel A, I have a significant increase in Gain. My mixer is channel A panned Left, and channel B panned right, mixer levels at 0. Have you noticed the same problem??
  3. Hi everybody, i have a pod hd500 connected to peavey 5150 using 4 cm and I'm really satisfied. I'm also using 5150 with a thd hotplate. Now I would like to build a wet/dry setup, usign the line out from the thd hotplate and feeding the path B of the pod, while in the path A i still use the FX loop setup. But every time I connect the Line Out to the Aux input of the pod , I get a tremendous feedback. Is it possible to have 2 really independent signal paths??
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