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  1. Thanks friends. I restarted as directed above and the HD500 came up with "UPDATE FLASH" so I opened Line Monkey and reinstalled the firmware. First time after restarting it still was looping the Line 6 logo screen, so I reinstalled firmware again. Still looping after install. So Third time I restarted with the left arrow key and the regular set list screens appeared. Hopefully I've cleared whatever goblins were in the machine. Thanks for the helpful advice.
  2. I was trying to transfer some customtones from the HD Edit app into my Pod HD500 tonight and received a Code 800000a error saying something timed out - restart your hardware and the app. I closed the app and powered off the HD500. When I plugged it back in, the display screens brings up a Line 6 logo, then fades out and brings up the logo again, fades out and repeats again, and again. Appears to be in some kind of loop when initializing. Any way to get past this error?
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