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  1. I feel like this topic has been covered, but in reading all of the threads I've seen, I still don't know if I've quite found the answer to this question? My question: Is there a way to hook my Axe Fx II into the Firehawk 1500 in stereo that gives me the image back through all of the speakers? I'm not looking for wet/dry/wet (at least not at the moment), and I plan to use the Firehawk 1500 as primarily a FRFR Cab, and backup should things go wrong on stage. Is this possible? If so, how's everyone doing it with their rigs? Thanks!
  2. No, it has 2 processors in it versus the one in the HD series, 2 processors which the L6 team have stated they perform to specs the same power that the axeII boasts. In my head if that made the HD's $500 (at one processor), then 2 processors + superior construction + more displays and more ins and outs + newer software/sonic expansion seems valid in the $1499 range.
  3. I'm quite excited for this! at first glance it appears to be fixing a lot of things I've had issue with regarding DSP, construction, and some sonic things. I've ended up using my HD500x as a foot controller for my Kemper with great result, but I would love to have an easier tweakable and portable live unit (aka hopefully the helix). I can't wait to put it through its paces upon release! This seems like they've been listening to the cries of the community very closely this time.
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