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  1. So not only can I not exit effect edit mode, now I discovered if I press bank up and down together to exit snapshot mode it goes to bank mode but they are flashing and scrolling through all the banks. I have to press mode button twice to get back to normal bank mode, then scroll all the way through the banks to get back to where I was. I have factory rest (all options) rolled back firmware to 2.92, factory reset, 3.0.1, and 3.0.2 with factory resets. No change in any issue. This really sucks as I just purchased this to use while my HX Stomp went back for broken USB port! Any ideas out there?
  2. Just did it twice. Same results. It even happens on any factory default patch.
  3. From the HX Effects owner's manual ver 3.0 3. Press the footswitch displaying the parameter you want to adjust. Press and hold a Time or Speed switch to toggle between setting the value in ms or Hz and note divisions (1/4-note, dotted 1/8-note, etc.). Press and hold any other parameter switch to reset its value to default. 4. Use a connected expression pedal to adjust the parameter’s value. For fine adjustment, press FS5 (VALUE–) and FS6 (VALUE+). Hold FS5 (VALUE–) or FS6 (VALUE+) for faster adjustments. 5. When finished, press MODE (EXIT). If you want to save any changes made to the preset, hold MODE (EXIT) for two seconds. But no button push, tap, touch etc. does anything. Even after power cycle the block in edit mode is still in edit mode. P.S. I own a Helix, HX Stomp and Helix Native. I purchased the HX Effects to fill in while mt Stomp is going in for USB port replacement.
  4. Just updated my new (right out of the box) HX Effects to 3.02.0. Started creating a patch and discovered that after tapping a footswitch to activate the parameter adjustments, I can't exit from it. I can switch to another footswitch but not exit the parameter adjustment. Has anyone experienced this?
  5. If you run into HX edit not opening, make sure you don't have an sd card inserted. Just spent a few hours pounding my head on the table when it just stopped opening. Finally saw a random post online and looked down to see I have an sd card inserted. Eject and HX Edit opens with no issues. WTF! Hope this helps anyone who may run into this. Issue happened with 3.01, and back three revisions.
  6. My HX Stomp kept crashing at the start of the update. Even global reset wouldn't help. Finally tried downloading latest driver, 2.71 and earlier. The update worked perfect.
  7. Thanks all. I got tired of lugging my heads and cabinets around. My bass pod was great, but the output options are very limited. I see they modeled Billy Sherman's Pierce preamp that he loved for years. Whole he hasn't given up the amps and cabinets (who would with those royalties). But I have no doubts the Helix is a great step up. I think I'll get an Lt to use gigging and then get a full model for my home studio. I haven't expanded that too much yet and the full Helix would be a great tool. Plus being able to copy all my custom tones and effects to the Lt makes it even better. I'll post my updates once it comes. Going in the studio to record a new demo with my band in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I can get some comparisons with the Helix vs the studio racks.
  8. And I guess the next question is do I need it or are the Helix amps and effects more than enough?
  9. Thanks. That was what I was thinking. What is the software that costs less for Helix and 200 more for Lt?
  10. Would love some input on the full Helix or the lt for bass. I am currently still using ny bass pod xt live. I know, I know great back in the day but I find myself going direct more and more. Looks like the Helix will even serve a bowl of soup! Kidding aside I use a mix of active and passive basses. Even got an acoustic to play with. I play live quite a bit but still using an amp. Looking to cut down or eliminate any large amp. Go direct at larger gigs and use a small very neutral sounding amp at smaller ones. I love the amp modeling. I don't use any additional effects other than a tuner. Doing some basic recording but don't want to regret it if I end up limiting myself down the road. I know the Lt vs my bass pod is like going from a Yugo (yes I'm that old) to a Corvette. Is the full Helix overkill for a bass player? Or is the Ferrari justified? Thanks
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