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  1. Objective: Setup a 2 button switch into the external expression pedal input on Helix LT with one button set to boost on one button and maybe the tuner on the other button. Sorry, this seems like it should be really easy and I must be missing something. I'v got 2 different 2 button switch, one latching and one not latching. I have connected both with a TRS cable the external footswitch in of the LT. I do not see anywhere in global setting or at the patch level where I can switch from Volume Max / Min to TRS. Have also looked in HX edit. Looked at the manual. Definitely missing something.
  2. Which one did you buy for the VARIAX Standard (strat style)? I don't have it in hand yet.
  3. Before I switched to Line 6 with a Helix LT, I had a Headrush Pedalboard. I just bought a Pod Go to have a smaller rig. So far, I am having trouble replicating the tones I use on the LT. I definitely use customized input levels on the LT which don't appear to be available on the GO. There was a trick that I used on the headrush where I would put a jumper cable between the input and the output of the effects loop. Then I would boost the return. This gave me an instant clean boost without the need for a pedal. This would be great on the Pod Go, but I tried to get this to work on Pod Go unsuccessfully. Has anyone else tried this?
  4. Datacommando, Thank you so much for being so gracious!!! I read through the thread and had been fighting with it for a long time. I was done in 5 minutes after your reply. Summary: I was using Safari; went into finder; searched for HX Edit; Moved HX Edit to the trash; the 3.0 DMG was sitting right next to the 2.9 DMG in the same search window; lauched the 3.0 DMG for Hx Edit. This time it said, HX Edit 3.0. Before when I would launch the DMG it would say 2.92. Have no idea why the 3.0 DMG launched directly from the download folder was loading 2.92, but that's what seems to have bene happening. All good now. Thanks again.
  5. I have done multiple updates to Helix Lt in the past and never had a problem. I am on a MAC with OS X. I've got the Helix to 3.01. I thought that I had done HX Edit. I went in looking for the new Princess Amp, not in Hx Edit, but in the Helix. So...saw this thread. Clicks on the update button at the bottom of HxEdit. it says that I am in 3.0. After I clicked that button once, it is now gone. Hx Edit about confirms helix is 3.01 and hx edit is 2.92. I have downloaded the DMG about 4 times and when I open the DMG for 3.0 it says 2.92 rather than 3.0. Very confused. So sorry! If anyone can help that would be great.
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