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  1. So I tried with another usb cable that I borrowed from a friend, I still have the same problem. I tried an usb mic to see if it's not my computer which has a problem, and the sound was quite the same as with the toneport and the guitar. So I guess that something on my computer doesn't work well. Problem is I don't have another computer to install the toneport and I'll have to wait until mid-june.
  2. Yes, I reinstalled pod farm but still nothing. I checked the usb cable, and I think the problem comes from it, if I move a little a piece of it the toneport deconnects and the lights go off. I'll buy a new one on saturday and see if the problems come really from there.
  3. I launched podfarm and recorded the guitar through audacity. It does the same sound when I launch podfarm through reaper, and even on other amp simulation vsts. And yes, everything has green ticks on Monkey. Maybe it's the usb cable which has a problem?
  4. Hey guys, Yesterday I wanted to play some guitar via my ux2, and after plugging my guitar the sound was terrible. It sounds like an alien spaceship or something. I tried different guitars and guitar cables, but the problem keeps on going. The hardware never moved from where it is, so I really don't understand how this happened. I recorded a sample of the sound so you can hear what it's like: https://soundcloud.com/greatnothing82/pod-ux2-sound-problems/s-YvmHr Thank you.
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