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  1. Umm yea I guess except unlike Mac and Windows Line 6 is all developed under the same roof..........poor marketing strategies IMO
  2. So yea like the title says the sound just drops out while I'm playing (a lot) and I have to close and reopen the program...............what up? Running in Windows Vista Thanks
  3. Kinda crazy they would do that.......just think of all the dummies like me that dig the tones in the "Tone POD Studio Ports Whatever" and would like to use them in other Line 6 digital devices but may forget it now :) I'm sure they would be heartbroken
  4. That suxs.............can you edit the presets on the amp with an editor software?
  5. So you can edit the presets using Spider Edit software on your computer then save it on the amp to create a new patch. The Digi 1101 lets you edit the existing and save tehm in a user area on the 1101..........same thing yes?
  6. I'm thinking of purchasing a combo (Line 6 Spider IV 120 120W 2x10 Guitar Combo) Question: If I make a preset in Line 6 POD Farm can I don't load that into the Line 6 Combo?
  7. I purchased a POD Studio UX1 and really like some of the tones. Do any of the Line 6 amps have the same presets? Also can the line 6 amps (heads or combos) be connected to your PC so you can create you own tones bu picking amps, cabs and effects? Thanks
  8. Ok..........working kinda sorta....got the monkey 1.65 and POD Farm 1.12.........now the sound cuts out when I watching YouTube and iwhen I open control panel snd open line 6 it comes back on..........nutty???
  9. What am I looking for? It say under input and recording record sends 1-2 instrument unprocessed 3-4 instrument unprocessed Should I be looking for something else? It does say (Driver version and ESN Error!
  10. Can't figure out what the heck is going on. I was using my UX1 a few nights ago to practice and now no sound. When I open gear box and tap the 1/4" jack or even hit the opoen strings on my guitar I can see the needle jump on the record send on the meter so I have signal but no sound. I was watching You Tube a few mins ago without the USB plugged into the PC and now with it plug in no sound (I guess it over ride the PC speackers, I'm using Alesis powered monitors for the UX, must be something simple but I can't figure it out. The OS is vista and looking at the control panel / sound it says (speakers 2 - line 6 UX1, working) Any help would be awesome I'm bewildered
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