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  1. Yeah, I bought both of these from music go round and have no contact with the seller. I am pretty sure both of these have the metal pack. I need to check, but the live looks like it shows 3 model packs when it boots - for sure the effects junky one. I recognize the icon for it. Since the XTs are so old (didn't they come out in like 2003?) I can't imagine someone actually buying multiple feature packs at $50/crack. I got both of these for about $100/each. Also, i am guesing that it would be harder and harder to maintain that chain of custody to transfer them as they might get bought and sold a few times. Well, it's silly I guess. The reason i like the xt was because it was easy for me to understand. I suppose I'll eventually have to knuckle down and learn to use one of the more modern units.
  2. I have been poking aorund the site looking for a single place where I can get the poop on what to do with a used Pod. As I stated, I have a PodXT Bean and a Live I just bought. Both of them have feature packs installed. I guess it's Line6's perrogative to only license the model packs for the original owner. I guess I feel like I paid for the unit with what is installed on it. I would really feel slighted if I hooked up to download the latest firmware and the model packs were removed in the process. Is that how it works?
  3. The MIDI to MIDI is easy peasy. You hit save and then where you choose the destination, you scroll down and it says MIDI dump or something. It put the sound on the live at the same bank/letter as on the bean. Then on the live, you hit save, and you can choose the destination you want. The manual didn't really explain that you have to save the sounds on the unit you downloaded to. I tranferred all 4 sounds in one bank, and when I went back, the sounds were back to what they were before. Did it again and hit save on the LIVE after each transfer and they stuck. I haven't hooked one of thes eup to the computer yet (and apparently, I might not want to). But this MIDI transfer was a breeze. I used the XT Live last night and i had no problems at all. After I finally got home, I browsed through some of the sounds that came on the LIVE and was pretty blown away. I guess it has the effect junky pack or something. And it has these really cool synthy sounds that i really like. I mean, the eddie van halen tones are cool, but I don't have much use for them. But there is one I think it's called alright mama or mystery train that really cops a good rockabilly tone. I am really happy with this new mongrel that no one liked at the music go round.
  4. There is at least one model pack on the bean. it is the headbanger one, or something. I don't use any of those amps. So, does it matter? I have a clean twin sound with autowah, chorus and digital delay. I want to use the stomp/delay/mod footswitches rather than the buttons on the bean. There is no "problem". I love the bean with the fbv. But I need 3 base sounds and each one I need to be able to turn off delay or stomp. I figured the live lets you do that. And it was totally cheap I think. I paid alot more for the used PodXT when I bought it, not including the 3 FBV's I've bought. Smoked one plugging a crossover cable in by mistake. What about using MIDI? I have a midi cable and the live manual says that I should be able to connect the 2 devices together and save off the channels to the other unit. What are the problems with that regarding the versions or model packs?
  5. I hate to be this guy. I am doing a show that has been in rehearsals for a few weeks. i am using a PodXT with the FBV thing with expression pedal. Several times in the show I am having to hit the "stomp" or "delay" buttons on the PodXT to turn them on or off. I managed to score a PodXT live today for cheap. I could manually copy over these 4 patches I am using, I guess. Is it easy to just pull off individual patches (the ones assigned to 25A, B, C, D for instance) and copying them onto the new device? I am sure I can find a USB cable and hook up my laptop. If that is what it takes. But I can't risk screwing up the PodXT bean I have been using. the show opens tomorrow night. I guess I just want someone to say "that's easy peasy. Download Monkey or whatever and you can export from the bean and import into the Live." Honestly, I could care less about any of the other sounds on either device. I have been using 4 patches playing out for the past 4 or 5 years without changing them until this show. Now since I am turning effects off and on, the extra stomp buttons seem perfect for what i am doing.
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