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  1. Hi, I made the leap to 2.81 this weekend and it works fine. When working on my desktop computer everything works as expected. However - when using laptops I can't get the Hotkeys to work. I.e. the Helix LT doesn't seems to send any Keystrokes. I have tested on 2 laptops with Win7 and 1 with Win10. Anyone else having this experience? Any ideas what to look for? A side note - I need to install the "Winusb" drivers for the HX Edit to work with my Helix LT. Isnt that drivers for the HX Effects??? //Magnus Olsson
  2. Thanks, Let me see if I understand this: In Snapshot 1 i go into Command Center and say that "instant 1" is Change Prog 1 In Snapshot 3 i change that so that "Instant 1" is Change Prog 3. Now when using this: Snapshot 1-> MIDI ChangeProg 1 Snapshot 2-> MIDI ChangeProg 1 Snapshot 3-> MIDI ChangeProg 3 Correct? My only concern then is that I wanted to have the option of sending a Note and thats not available as "instant" messages. Next update? ;-)
  3. Are you sure? If I set up footswitch 8 to send a MIDI note it works fine as long as I am in "Stomp mode". If I switch to "Snapshot mode" however, nothing is transmitted.
  4. HI, I'm fairly new to the Helix and are examining every possibility to use it on stage... Is it possible to trigger a MIDI event when changing Snapshots? To my understanding the Command Center settings are per Preset? Thanks for any clarifications /Magnus
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