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  1. Hey guys, So I'm very interested in buying an Amplifi 75, usually you can see the setup options on the site but couldn't find it. Is it actually possible to record guitar on your computer with the Amplifi? Like a direct input or whatever. It would be perfect to practise on this amp and to record as well so I can keep the same tones. Thanks!
  2. So I just bought a HD147 with a Spider II 412 mkii cabinet. The head is 300 watt and the cabinet 150 (75 per side), do you guys think that is enough wattage or will the cabinet blow up because if the higher wattage from the HD147?? I want to use it live (small gigs) and plug it in the PA as well. Thanks
  3. Hey guys, I just bought a HD147 with a Spider II MkII 412 cabinet. I was wondering what the ohm setting should be (stereo) , because it says 8 ohms per side, so should I set the output impedance to 8 as well or 16? I am using only one cabinet. (I also just read on here that you can put the mono to 4 ohm or 16, but why is that?) Thanks!
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