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  1. iturnbolts

    Gig Bag for HelixLT

    Perfect, thank you. Won't be doing much gigs if at all, so this will be perfect for home
  2. iturnbolts

    FoH and Cab - IR/Cab or no IR

    Stupid question: are IR’s basically the same as a cab sim? I’ve kinda tried searching but keep getting odd non simple answers
  3. Thanks everyone! I figured it must of been for one of those ports, it’ll feel good knowing it’s on the right one
  4. https://imgur.com/a/vC6Mt This rubber cap was found in my helix box and I’d like to know where it should go? Assuming there’s a reason for it whether it’s a plug on the back or something more important? Loving the helix by the way. I’m overwhelmed but taking things in little by little