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  1. Looking to mimic the sound of a Clavinet. Anyone have any settings they can share?
  2. Thanks for the response. Interesting info given the very different wattage of the Blues Jr., vs. Twin. In the HD500x amp interface, what are you generally using for your output percentages at Amp Modeling Channel Volume/ Bypass Volume?
  3. I'm all over the place with volume on the different settings I have for my HD400 and am about to undergo the process of trying to get my patches to be relatively similar to one another. Before I do that, I thought I'd ping the wealth of experience of the forum. About me: I'm a rhythm player playing a Jazzmaster through a 35watt combo tube amp. Occasionally I need to pop out for a solo, but mostly I'm using the HD400 for delay and different tone. Curious what's combination of Master Volume pot and Volume settings are working for other folks using this for gigs. Should I max the Master Volume Pot on the back of the unit, and keep the Amp Modeling Channel Volume (software) at 50% and Bypass Volume at 50% (or some other percentage)? Ease back on the Master Volume Pot and increase the volumes in software? Love some insights from experienced users before I delve in too deeply. Considering the 4 cable method as well, but need convincing that it's worth the effort.
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