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  1. So I did my research, and read that the UX2 is fine for headphones between 150 and 600ohms. I thought this un likely as it's only powered by USB 2. But I still purchased some Beyerdynamic DT770 250 ohms. They are far too quiet for the UX2. It can't power them. So, ignoring the official advice, what ohms should I be looking at. 80 or 32? Thanks
  2. My most recent support ticket: Do you think i could spell it out any clearer? "This is getting silly now. Please see the thread i started, and notice how many people are struggling to get the UX1 and 2 working with Windows 10. When is this going to be sorted? Do we really have to go and buy a different audio interface? Are you even aware of an issue? If so i think some official communication with the community is in order. That's just good business practice. Come on, reassure us that you are working on this, or that you even know about it. Before more people jump ship. Thanks"
  3. I have decided to get a different audio interface, but i have a few questions. My UX2 works great with Windows 7. I have my headphones, and two 1/4 inch jack MAudio Powered Monitors coming out of the back. ALL of my sound comes through the UX2, games, music, movies, youtube, plus my guitar, so i can play along and record using UX2 as the mic input into OBS etc. Will other Audio interfaces work this way? or will some of them only have the guitar coming through the monitors and nothing else? Thanks
  4. Op here. I'd just like to point out that i started the thread 2 months ago, and noone really cared. I emailed Line 6 well in advance of release - and they didn;t care. Line 6 drivers for Windows 8 are still crappy for some. The solution is probably this: I think we need to buy new audio interfaces. Line 6 are not supporting their customers. They could have had SOME form of software support during the very long Windows 10 BETA period, but they didn't. Surely the final release version would bare at least some major similarities with the BETA? It really is very frustrating, and i have no idea why they aren't communicating with the community. Rant over. .
  5. I had an answer from Line 6 support. This is somewhat hopeful. "Hi. We had to wait for the final release of Windows 10 and we are working on a fix to workaround the issue. Best regards Olaf Schildt Technical Support Line 6 Support Europe"
  6. I started a thread a month ago asking about this problem. I've emailed line 6 support to no avail. My only conclusion is that we all need to find an alternative audio interface, after all Windows 8 is only just working properly
  7. Good work guys. The brave ones amongst us lol I guess I'll wait another month and see if Line 6 have pulled their thumbs out of their posterior. I'm not holding out hope though
  8. I too have contacted them numerous times, and recieved no such response. Thanks for posting this.
  9. OP Here, Is there anybody from line 6 who is able to let us know whether Windows 10 will be supported by the UX2? Please? My post is almost a month old and still no answer. Question: I Is the Line 6 UX2 obsolete? Do you intend to support it into the future? Should we buy a different audio interface? Do you want us to continue to purchase Podfarm Patches? Do you value your customers? Is communication important to you? All of the above questions i have asked personally to tech support. NONE of the above questions were answered. This is becoming very annoying.
  10. Thanks. Yes I'm aware of that. I would purchase different guitar software. This is useful thank you. here's hoping that line 6 pull their fingers out and make it work with Windows 10. On past experience though. Nope.
  11. Hi There, I'm not confident in the UX2 working with windows 10, so i may have to look for an alternative. What i like about the UX2 is that it has become my primary sound card. I have headphones and 2 studio monitors connected to it. I can hear all system sounds from either source, and i play games, listen to music, and of course record my music using the interface. My question is what other audio interfaces offer this functionality? I have seen some where the interface only outputs one or the other, but not both? Have i got this wrong, do they all work like the UX2? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Sam
  12. I'm not liking the chances either. There's a thread above this one where someones trying to get 8.1 working with Podfarm (8.1!!!) People are having issues all over the place, and even on these OFFICIAL forums . . . . . . . . . . no answer.
  13. Yes Flexpuke that's exactly my frustration. I DIDNT upgrade to Windows 8 because the driver support is TERRIBLE. And now I won't be able to upgrade to windows 10, because I can't see Line 6 getting the drivers ready. Please Line 6. Sort out the drivers for windows 10, or it's a different audio interface for me, and no more PodFarm.
  14. Thankyou very much for your concise answer! You are infinitely more helpful than the Line 6 tech Support guys, who some would say don't know their arse from their elbow, and that they don't seem to be able to pass on knowledge of upcoming compatibility issues, leaving us to upgrade and find our equipment not working. I certainly wouldn't say the above. Of course. It was someone else entirely. Just a quick note line 6. Don;t leave people stranded with borked software, just because you can't be bothered with your legacy products. I rely on my Line 6 Toneport, i believe it to be a decent product that has given me thousands of hours of Pleasure. Please SORT OUT THE DRIVERS
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